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The Face of Fear
R.J. Torbert

Two Harbors Press
Softcover: $17.00                         
455 Pages
ISBN: 978-1-938690-77-8
Publication date: TBD


​The Face of Fear - By R.J Torbert                        
Enigmatic New Book Marks the Return of Ghost Face
“Who do you love?” Arguably the most recognizable face in the history of horror movies comes back as a
novel; Ghost Face, the mysterious antagonist with an ever-changing identity and constantly shifting
motives, is back. This time, the setting is Long Island and the enigma is more intense than ever. The Face
of Fear tells the story of an inexplicable kidnapping that sets off a horrible series of events that shakes not
only the village of Port Jefferson but the entire nation—and the reader.

A mysterious kidnapping leads to a series of murders in The Face of Fear. Pressure mounts and
complications arise as the local police force rushes to solve the case before it is too late, causing the
characters to question both themselves and their ultimate purpose. With unforgettable characters and a
tense, gritty plot, The Face of Fear is a haunting mix of horror and emotion that provides mind-bending
insight into the nature of fear and truth.

"The Face of Fear reintroduces Ghost Face to the world, and you'll never think of him (or her---or
them) in the same way again. The mystery isn't just in who's behind the mask but why. Torbert
gives readers all the pieces to the puzzle, though putting them together is another story. Equal
parts horror and heart, The Face of Fear draws readers in with its complex characters and
chilling plot only to prove that nobody is safe--or beyond suspicion. With The Face of Fear Ghost
Face makes the transition from screen to page, proving that true terror is found between the

— Hartford Book Examiner

R.J. Torbert has been a key figure in the behind the scenes history of the mask since 1996 including
being responsible for the legal "baptism" of the name Ghost Face and The Icon of Halloween trademarks.
In addition to being a veteran of the Armed Forces, Torbert is the co-executive producer of the photo-
sharing app Sightings: Ghost Face. He lives in New York with his family.

Media Contact: Ashley Olson

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Press Release

NO MERCY - By R.J Torbert                                
New Thriller Proves Revenge is Best Served Ruthlessly

​Mount Sinai, NY (June 21, 2016) – Readers of the first Powers and Johnson Novel, The Face of Fear will not want to miss the explosive sequel No Mercy. Life is only temporarily back to normal in the Village of Port Jefferson until murder strikes the little town yet again, proving the investigation is far from over, and the elusive Ghost Face is back with a vengeance. This time, Ghost Face does not seem to be working alone – will the police discover the evildoers before it’s too late, or will they be picked off one by one?

With a fast-moving plot full of unforeseen twists and complex characters sure to intrigue, readers will be instantly enthralled by the suspenseful No Mercy. Everyone who played a part in saving lives linked to The Face of Fear investigation is in danger as The Music Club Murders begin. Bounties placed on police officers along with the lethal return of Ghost Face, and several other shocking revelations make the action-packed No Mercy a harrowing sequel sure to elicit a chilling response from readers.

R.J. Torbert has done it again and has written a horror novel that is impossible to put down. Readers will find themselves furiously flipping through the pages desperate for answers as to who is behind the murders. The Face of Fear investigation left many questions unanswered, but No Mercy is chock-full of fiery revelations. Revenge is not to be taken lightly, and the Village of Port Jefferson must act quickly to solve the mystery and unmask the killer. No matter what side of the law you are on . . . when it comes to revenge, there is NO MERCY.

About the Author
R. J. Torbert continues his work at Fun World and is entering his 21st year responsible for Product Development and as Licensing Director which includes the follow up and protection of the Ghost Face copyrights and Trademarks recognized around the globe. He resides not far from the historic village of Port Jefferson which is "home base" of both The Face of Fear and No Mercy.

Two Harbors Press
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ISBN: 978-1-63505-097-4
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Publication Date: 6/21/2016